I’m the mother of a precocious and incredibly adorable little girl who is approaching her terrible two’s with an absolute and unwavering determination to live up to the name! Keeping her engaged and entertained has become a full-time occupation which has raised the question of what role digital plays in her daily activities. Raising a well rounded child who is just as happy outdoors splashing in a puddle (few and far between in the UAE but you see where I’m going with this) as she is using an app on a digital device is the ultimate goal and this blog is my space to share what we get up to in our quest for that balance.

My career in Digital Advertising and Strategy has made me fall in love with digital and its tools for education, communication, information and entertainment, but I also have a healthy fear of its dark side because I’m aware of the pitfalls of its misuse. I’ll be sharing various points of view on hot button issues, tips and tools that will help parents to manage the balance between online and offline activities and share ideas on how to teach your little ones to use digital tools effectively, creatively and kindly.

In a world where the only things that are certain about digital technology are that it is essential and it will always change, I feel it’s important to have conversations with moms of digital natives on how to survive parenting in this ever changing, always connected space, so I will be dedicating my Tuesdays to a bit of Tech Talk to keep us updated on what’s trending.

My main motivation is to help you to create strategies and make informed decisions about your little one’s digital needs and I encourage you to embrace technology in parenthood and harness its powers for good.