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With a myriad of apps out there to choose from, it can really be quite exhausting trying to sift through all the options in every imaginable category to find what’s really best for your little learner. As they say during flight safety briefings, “If you are travelling with a child or someone who requires assistance, secure your mask on first, and then assist the other person.” In the case of digital education, I would recommend that the same precautions are taken. Parents should equip themselves first before letting their little ones roam wild on the interwebs.

To kick off the “Best apps for Toddlers and their wranglers” series, which will cover the best apps to learn First Words, The Alphabet, Nursery Rhymes, Shapes, Colours, Counting, Music, Emotions, Health and Hygiene, here are 3 apps that every parent should download immediately. As much as digital literacy is important for children, it is even more important to have their parents actively involved in the educational process that helps to strike a balance between learning from apps and integrating those lessons into every day activities. You will never run short of ideas of what to do with your Toddler with these powerful research based apps in your arsenal.


PBS toddler app

PBS Parents Play and Learn
This content rich parent resource is designed to give adults ideas for activities to do with preschoolers to enhance learning and develop literacy skills. There are 13 situation and location categories to choose from such as Grocery store, bath time, in the car or restaurant. Most of the activities involve talking to little ones about what they are doing and seeing ultimately teaching them math, literacy and language skills.


best toddler apps for parents

Learner Mosaic
Learner Mosaic focuses on helping parents to find activities based on six key skill areas: knowledge, creative skills, social-emotional skills, physical skills, thinking skills, character skills. By answering questions, parents can help the app determine which skill areas their children need to focus on and at what level they need to focus on each skill. Parents will then receive a selection of suggested activities based on their children’s unique learner mosaics and, by completing the activities, continue to build out the mosaics.


Artkive Best toddler app for parents

This app speaks to the emotional side of parenting. It takes away the guilt of throwing away the artwork that your kids bring home. You can’t possibly keep all of it in the house and sometimes it can be difficult to choose what to keep. Artkive simplifies making an archive for your kids artwork with can be collated into a hardcover book, or individual pictures can be made into, pillow cases, posters, blankets or coasters with a little more than a touch of a button.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the Best Apps for Toddlers and their Wranglers Series where we cover apps for teaching toddlers about Counting & Music, Alphabet & First words, Shapes & Colours, Emotions, Health & Hygiene.

Until then, Ciao for now!



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