Best toddler apps: Counting and Music appreciation

Numbers and Music*

The best way to learn is by integrating lessons into daily activities. For months on end, every time I went up and down the 2 flights of stairs in our villa, I would count as I took each step from one to ten. The cutest little voice would accompany me up to the number 3 then suddenly tail off at 4 and I would be on my own until I got to ten where I would be rejoined by a startling squeal and echo of the number 10. The curator  baby was also drawn to the “happy birthday” and the “numbers song” on BabyTV which we would sing to her whenever she needed cheering her up. Apparently numbers make her happy…perhaps we have a mathematician on our hands. Once I introduced counting apps, it all clicked together for her and one day she sat on the couch and nonchalantly counted to 10 on her own. Not bad for a 20 month old. This instalment of the Best apps for Toddlers and their Wranglers series focusses on counting and music appreciation, the 2 things that were useful in keeping my little one entertained and happy while learning new things.


elmo loves 123s




Elmo Loves 123s
Cost: $4.99
Skills: Critical Thinking

Elmo is arguably one of the most engaging children’s characters which takes the boredom out of learning. The app uses amusing videos and games to introduce numbers in a variety of ways to help their understanding of quantity and how to count. With Abby and Elmo’s encouragement, kids trace the number which is then followed by  a classic Sesame Street video incorporating the number to reinforce the lesson.


tally tots




Tally Tots
Skills: Numeracy

This voice assisted counting app rewards little learners with interactive activities that reinforce the numbers with 20 puzzles that teach quantity, order and sorting. It features an assisted counting guide that helps toddlers count all the way up to 100 integrating practical lessons such as creating a 7 layer sandwich when learning the number seven or finding 14 pancakes when learning the number 14.

endless numbers




Endless Numbers
Cost: Free to Try
Skills: Numeracy and Critical Thinking

True to it’s name, endless numbers gives many options for learning numerals, counting, numerical order and number recognition. Each number is pronounced multiple times and presented in multiple ways. It provides open ended exploration of numbers using cute, engaging animations that bring numbers to life.


little fox music box




Little Fox Music Box (nursery rhymes)
Skills: Creative

The graphics for this app are true works of art. It is not only visually stunning but is also a beautiful sounding interactive sing-along book. There are three songs in the app: Old Mac Donald had a farm, London Bridge, and Evening Song. There is also a Fox studio where kids can create their own music by playing wide variety of “instruments” such as bottles, frogs, birds, spiders, and pans. The experience allows the little ones to listen to songs, sing along, and interact with funny characters and their environment.

nursery rhymes from baba bear




Nursery Rhymes from Baba Bear
Cost: Free
Skills: Creative

With over 30 nursery rhymes to choose from, this is a great app to introduce your little on to music. Baba Bear teaches children English vocabulary, enhances hand – ear coordination as they are encouraged to tap along to the sound of the rhymes. Children can sing along to the lyrics of some of the favourite kids songs like “The Wheels On The Bus”, “Merry Christmas”, “It Is A Small World”, “I Am A Little Teapot” and “Happy Birthday”

duckie deck home made orchestra




Duckie Deck Homemade orchestra
Skills: Exploratory

This app brings together a variety of unconventional instruments such as bubble wrap, fingers snapping, water glasses to make unique sounds. It encourages kids to explore different sounds and make lots of noise but somehow, thanks to the coding wizards, he noises always come together in a fairly pleasant melody. Young kids can explore concepts of beat, rhythm, melody and musical layering.

Hope you have as much fun counting as we did. Next up is a selection of apps that teach toddlers about shapes and colours!

Until the next one – ciao for now!


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