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The Digital Age Survival Guide for Parents

Tech Talk is something that should be in every parent’s agenda considering how much it affects our lives. Technology has been dubbed the 4th Industrial revolution and for good reason. For our digital native children, they have never known life without it and in this ever changing sphere, it is important for parents to keep up with the advances. Knowing what is out there can help parents better protect their children and make better choices in terms of what and how much to expose their child to. The Curator Lady is committed to taking this journey with you, providing helpful information, tools and advice for parenting in the digital age.



S.T.E.M toys your toddler will love!

The Building blocks for success in the digital age: STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics STEAM – Where the ‘A’ is for Arts STREAM – Where the ‘R’ is for Reading and wRiting (should I be the one to point out that writing doesn’t start with an ‘r’ or would that be splitting hairs?) Anyway, let’s not get distracted here, the point is I consider all these to be the…
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Best Toddler Apps for learning Shapes and Colours

Shapes and Colours* This collection of apps focuses on shapes and colours. In teaching guides throughout various educational systems, you often find that shapes are combined with colours which provides a great 2 for 1 learning opportunity. Whether you select one of these apps or if you prefer to use a combination, your toddler will be exposed to critical thinking, cognitive, spatial and geometry skills. Your little one will enjoy…
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Back to School: Digital Diet cheat sheet for parents

What are they bingeing on? Typically as parents, our digital diet consists of a nice healthy portion of Pinterest for starters, Facebook, Instagram and sprinkle of Twitter for the main course and if we’re having a cheat day we’ll throw in a cheeky Snapchat for dessert. A fairly balanced diet and one that you’re probably ok with your kids consuming. But do we really know what our kids are bingeing…
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Best Apps for Alphabet, First Words and Stories

Language and literacy| There is no sweeter sound than the first time your baby calls you “mama”. But unless you want to hear “mama” on repeat (a toddler favourite), you are well advised to teach your little ones a few more words to expand their vocabulary. Here is a roundup of some great apps for your under 5’s to learn the Alphabet, First Words and Stories. These language and literacy…
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Mini U Zoo Alphabet
Very Hungry Caterpillar
Peekaboo Barn
Alpha Tots
Interactive Alphabet
Nighty Night
Moo Baa La La La