End of Summer Soft Play

Saying goodbye to Cabin Fever

The summer in the UAE are as hot as the day is long, actually, it’s a 24/7 situation that goes beyond daylight hours. This means that spending time indoors is well advised and avoiding any outdoor activities and direct sunlight in a Draculean way is inevitable. Given this fact, we spent a lot of time at softplay which can be a treacherous den of rabid toddlers but one has to be brave and make sacrifices for the little ones.  We took a trip into the city for the sake of variety and spent the afternoon at Cheeky Monkeys, a popular play area at Al Naeem Mall. We encountered the usual suspects – The Crier, The non-sharer, The tantrum artist, The Hyper kid and The United Nations, I want to be everyone’s friend kid. All in all it was a fun afternoon, I was tired at the end of the carnage that softplay is. The curator’s baby was all smiles and didn’t want to leave and as always the Mr. was patient with both of us!

With a new season comes new adventures which will be kickstarted by our Portuguese Affair. Do come back and see what we got up to in our trip to the fatherland!


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