How do you Zoo?

Wildin’ out in Lisbon Zoo.

My Instagram caption for our Lisbon Zoo video alludes to my misgivings about going to Zoo’s. On the day of the visit, I even filmed a short rant which I had intended to add to the final edit but funnily enough, my whining didn’t make it into the final cut because truthfully, my negative nancy rant was so incongruent to the actual experience, it was almost embarrassing.

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The deciding factor for the trip to the zoo was made purely from a proximity and preserving my sanity perspective. The Zoo was a 10 minute walk from our hotel and I had a morning to kill with a toddler who isn’t really down for sleeping in and having a Netflix and chill kinda day. Also the weather was perfect so a gentle walk in the sunshine would do no harm.

Without really thinking about it, I threw on a comfortable dress, headed down and went ham on the breakfast buffet. I’m not shy about eating everything the light touches in a hotel breakfast room so the loose dress was subconciously strategic. It was only as we were walking to the Zoo that I caught my reflection on a window and realised that I’m wearing animal print… to a Zoo. I jokingly wondered if the Zebra’s would cry foul and accuse me of cultural appropriation…luckily they didn’t, and fortunately for me, Lisbon Zoo doesn’t enforce the “No Animal Print Clothing” rule that other zoo’s in Europe have adopted. Supposedly it confuses the animals but there is no word on long term psychological effects on the animals…just saying.

Now, to address my reservations about going to the zoo, you have to understand that I was fortunate enough go to The Peterhouse Group of schools that have a Wildlife Conservation project, Gosho Park next to the school grounds where wild animals were a part of our daily lives and a part of our curriculum. So you can image me going into Lisbon Zoo with the “I’m from Africa I don’t need to go to Zoo’s” perspective and the unshakeable memory of the saddest looking camels that I saw at the London Zoo when I was 9. I was fully prepared to simply tolerate the experience for the sake of keeping the little one entertained.

Let’s just say I ate crow. The Jardim Zoológico Lisboa is beautiful. There was no Madagascar style performance at the Lion Enclosure and the giraffes weren’t walking around like Melman with thermometers in their mouths looking miserable. It’s definitely worth a visit for all ages…no matter where you’re from!

Until our next little adventure, enjoy the video and check out some of the other fun activities we get up to when we are not travelling.

Ciao for now!



  1. February 5, 2018 / 11:36 pm

    Beautiful video! So well made and despite my own reservations about zoos, your visit looked beautiful! I’m happy to see the animals with a little bit of room but can’t help feeling they belong in their natural habitats, free to wander at their whim.

    At least our children will get to see both – the animals in their natural environment as well as these efforts to ‘conserve’ and protect endangered species.

    • thecuratorlady
      March 31, 2018 / 10:02 pm

      Great point about giving them the opportunity to see both. Hopefully I will get to show her more of the natural though. Lets plan a safari with our littles soon.

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