Walking in the City

We live out in the sticks so our daily walks tend to be within the confines of our compound, but don’t feel sorry for us, it’s not too shabby out here with Golf course, Lagoon views and within 300m from a beach, there are worse things in life! As lovely as the country life can be, sometimes girls just need a little taste of the city life so off we went to CityWalk in Dubai, toddler in tow with the main goal of having fun for everyone. I can safely say the mission was accomplished with a spot of shopping and a music workshop at Level Kids, a visit to the Green Planet for the little one to see some critters that I abhor but I’m very mindful not to transfer my fears onto her. It seemed to work out fine as she was pretty unphased by all the creepy crawlies while I, on the other hand have been researching phobia PTSD therapists in the region. All in all, it was a delightful day that was light on digital media and devices and lots of fun social interactions.





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